Monday, February 24, 2020

Wisconsin's do-little GOP-run legislature to take rest of the year off

Vacation excitation!

With the exception of a few more Senate floor days in March, and maybe some veto override voting in the spring, the GOP-led Wisconsin legislature is about to turn away from floor periods to its first love - - itself - - and spend the rest of 2020 running for re-election.

Not the toughest duty, given the self-preserving gerrymandering they codified in 2012, along with a suppressionist voter ID law also aimed at further embedding the majorities they cooked up..

Among the issues which Republicans are OK leaving principally or totally on the sidelines: assistance for the homeless and guarantees that rape kits will be quickly tested for evidence.
File:Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald looks for a promotion  to the Congress in November.

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Johann Gutenberg Press said...

Vote them all OUT! Self-serving hypocrites. Greedy and caring about no one but themselves and their bank accounts!