Friday, February 28, 2020

Homeland Security GOP Senator stars on Disease Control Incompetence Team

He might as well haul out his sunspots trope. 

As coronavirus news cascades about the Trump's self-inflicted failures to keep key scientists in place and effectively address pandemic planning in general, this assurance weeks ago from our already scientifically-challeged Senator Johnson 

gives you an idea of how Team Trump really operates:
I spoke with the director of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) last night so the administration is completely on top of this," Johnson said....They don't want to underreact, but they don't want to overreact. And the chance they'll get it 100% right is probably next to zero. But they are completely on the case....
"It really does fall on local officials to understand the serious steps of preventing the virus to spread," Johnson said.
Yes, I said "already scientifically-challenged."  

So get on it, Madison or Monroe or Manitowish Waters....because other very important people have a wall to build and a tee-time at Mar-a-Lago to keep.

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Ed Heinzelman said...

Local officials will certainly have to get involved but are just a certainly not equipped to handle something that even the CDC doesn't totally understand yet. And it is up the CDC to instruct local governments on what to do.

And for Rojo's edification, this has moved beyond a health emergency into a national defense it is solidly in his bailiwick! HE'd better do something.