Tuesday, May 1, 2018

To 'invest' in WI, Foxconn supplier eyes Foxconn-like subsidy

If you want to build flat screen TVs here

you may need Lake Michigan water, Racine's air and maybe even more Wisconsin taxpayer money.

Because what's good for Foxconn - - (oh, Kimberly-Clark, too) - - would be good for Corning, a key Foxconn supplier who might look for another handout from Bucky: 
To locate in Wisconsin, a key glass supplier to Foxconn wants financial help from the Taiwanese electronics giant or state taxpayers that could run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. 
Corning Inc. could bring hundreds of additional jobs to southeastern Wisconsin but statements by the glass maker's top executive raise new questions about whether the state could have to pay extra to land them...
Corning Inc. chief executive officer Wendell Weeks said last week that his company wanted to "keep 100% of revenues and profits" but pay no more than one-third of the cost to site a glass plant alongside Foxconn's LCD plant.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Heck Corning's CEO admitted that taxpayer subsidies was the company's BUSINESS MODEL.

And gee, who couldn't have seen that Foxconn would be the precedent to make all other corporations demand a handout?

Then again, Scotty's never held a real,job, so maybe he is that clueless.