Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Walker is OK with Wisconsin's busted roads

I guess this is what happens if you're chauffeured everywhere.

Wisconsin has among the worst roads in the country, but don't expect any relief because a fresh Walker directive freezes nearly all state spending as budget planning moves forward.

Even Walker's former long-time transportation department secretary said state's roads were being irresponsibly starved by Walker's "failure" to add more revenue.

That budget directive includes this language: 
  • The zero-growth policy will also apply to the SEG-funded administrative operations appropriations in all agencies that are supported by the transportation fund, the conservation fund, the environmental fund and the lottery fund. 


Anonymous said...

It is weird that he thinks he can fool people into blaming local government for all the bad roads no matter who is supposed to maintain them. He must really think we are a bunch of idiots. Or at least he thinks his supporters are idiots.

Anonymous said...

No spending so he can claim a budget surplus until the election.