Friday, May 4, 2018

Gov. Pothole foists project cancellations, 2nd-worst-repaired-in-US roads on WI

I had a professor who credited Henry James with having said "all our limitations are self-imposed," but today you could hear that from drivers battling our getting-even-sorrier state roads.

Especially if they understand that road money is cascades into Walker's campaign centerpiece - -  a/k/a Foxconn - - at the same time the state's GOP-self-imposed transportation funding 'crisis' has produced, according to this new report:

* The second-worst repaired roads in the nation - - a repeat Walker 'win.'

* Further cancellation of studies to expand the interstate from Madison to the Dells - - a process WisDOT's obfuscators earlier called "re-prioritizing." 

And while Gov. Pothole, GOP Assembly Speaker Vos and GOP Senate Majority Leader keep fighting over whether to solve this binge of over-spending by adding licensing fees, boosting gas taxes or continuing to borrow more money for your kids and their kids to pay off, the state has on Walker's watch cancelled the expansion of the interstate from the Marquette Interchange to the Zoo Interchange.

And slowed down work on the aforementioned Zoo Interchange.

Because there's not enough money.

And because Walker as far back as 2003 was all for adding scores of new lane miles on so-called 'improved' freeways in SE Wisconsin to the tune of $6.4 un-budgeted taxpayer dollars  

And now because, well, you know: Foxconn.

So remember Foxconn's gravitational pull on general state funds and transportation budgets, and the GOP's one-party FUBAR State Capitol Circus of Dysfunction which I described in February (below) the next time you drop into a pothole or crawl through rush-hour congestion and summer tourism traffic on so many major WI roadways:

Walker's Foxconn Fever infects state road repair budget

Idiocracy on full display.

All hail Governor Pothole as his Foxconn Fever spreads with predictable side-effects:
Funding for Wisconsin road maintenance plummets. Foxconn cited. 

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Anonymous said...

But this can't be !!! Walker is sending checks to families with children because there is so much money available.