Thursday, May 10, 2018

Judge the Trump team by deeds, not words

I don't hold Melania Trump responsible for the actions of her husband.

But the same White House that just rolled out her signature, children's initiative - - 

Called “Be Best,” the initiative is an awareness campaign dedicated to children’s emotional and physical wellness.
- - is also through harsh immigration procedures ramped up this week by the Attorney General is separating children from their parents and foundational security.
A Wisconsin man went to court to pay his traffic ticket. Now he's facing deportation
A father of four and owner of a small Lake Geneva business went to the county courthouse late last month to pay for a traffic ticket. He never walked out on his own accord. 
"ICE is seeking to deprive our children of their father," his wife, Adriana Robles, said..."They are depriving him of the chance to be with his children. My husband is a hard worker, who has provided jobs for others while trying to do better for himself and his family." 
There is an online petition posted by Voces De La Frontera to support the Robles family and overturn his seizure.

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