Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Testing Brad Schimel's spending priorities

The State Journal says WI GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel will spend no state dollars to reduce the backlog of untested rape evidence kits:
Schimel told reporters Tuesday he didn’t expect to spend any state money on the testing, which has so far been paid for with federal grant money.
Note that he did spend $10,000 of state dollars on 2,000 personalized "Kicking Ass Every Day" souvenir coins, the Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice had reported: 
The 1.75-inch gold-plated brass souvenirs read "Wisconsin Attorney General Brad D. Schimel" on one side and "Wisconsin Department of Justice: K.A.E.D." on the other. The state seal appears on the medallions.
Records show the state Department of Justice paid nearly $10,000 in taxpayer dollars — $4.75 each, plus other costs — to Lexington Metal Products Corp. in Lithia, Fla., for two shipments of the commemorative coins...

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