Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Walker continues to organize the opposition

Their bromance continues.

Walker says he'd be glad to appear in Wisconsin with Trump this year.
"If he's here, I'd imagine he's probably going to be here for a U.S. Senate candidate, sure I'd be with him," Walker said.
Makes sense, given their mutual hostility to people on Medicaid and food assistance, and to climate change and a strong US EPA.

And they might tour together one of the many rural communities where small Wisconsin farms are going bankrupt at nation-leading-levels, where owners are battling everything from Trump's tariff actions to Walker's cheerleading for industrial-sized bigger dairies which are flooding the market with product. And in some cases, runoff into the groundwater.

Details, here.

So credit Walker with setting aside some of their complicated history:
Donald Trump...[is] a woman-grabbing, race-baiting, Russia-loving loose cannon - - whom Scott Walker, when dropping out of the presidential campaign in September, 2015 urged Republicans to reject
Scott Walker Drops Out of 2016 Republican Presidential Race, Slamming Trump
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Voters may not recall exactly how Walker ended his brief run for President, or has since done a 180-degree turn and become a strong Trump backer.
So let's understand that. And also that Walker had earlier courted Trump, having presented Trump in New York City with a plaque - - I wonder what's inscribed on it - - and also scored from him a $15,000 in re-election boosting donation.
A favor from Trump perhaps reimbursed in full when Walker went to the Republican Party's 2016 nominating campaign, stood on the podium, disregarded his 2015 anti-Trump call to arms and endorsed Trump's "American Deserves Better" candidacy.

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