Friday, May 11, 2018

At conservation congress, out-of-touch Walker distracts, panders

Walker spoke at the annual Wisconsin Conservation Congress and delivered a predictably narrow and deceptive message.

1. For example, it has been noted here and here and here, and elsewhere  - - that he's years late addressing the epidemic of chronic wasting disease, (CWD), in the state deer herd, so naturally, Walker and his office aimed his the lede of WCC p.r. at lower-handing fruit.

Governor Walker Calls for More Public Land for Hunting and Fishing at the 84th Annual Convention of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress
You have to read past the halfway point in his release efforts for words to get to his tardy, election-year, campaign-driven 'plan' to stem CWD:
Also, at the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, Governor Walker discussed his aggressive plan to combat the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) among Wisconsin’s deer herd.
2.  And while Walker went with an easy pander to hunters and anglers about adding more public land access - - a talking point he's repeating on Twitter - -  he went out of his way to ignore these issues and their popular responses highlighted by data collected at all the county meetings which led up to the Congress and are posted on the DNR website.

But you won't catch Walker dead publicizing the strong statewide support for DNR and legislative action to address climate change - - the very issue he had scrubbed from state websites and which he continues to ignore, or obstruct with AG Brad Schimel's assistance - - according to the results of Congress survey questions 19 and 20:

WCC support legislation to reduce the risk of climate change through increased use of renewable resources (580417)
3590-Yes 1840 No
Support water basin management plans to reduce/ control runoff that has or will be caused by climate change (580417)
4238-Yes 1052 No 

So Walker is again on the wrong side of public opinion and good science, and also intentionally-isolated by his service to major polluters from mainstream climate and energy issues polled nationally, which I recently noted:
...a growing number of Republicans - - along with even greater numbers of Democrats - - are concerned about climate change and clean power and want government to act affirmatively to address them, according to a new report released by the authoritative Yale Program for Climate Change Communications.
As I asked yesterday, Walker '18? Seriously? 

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