Tuesday, May 22, 2018

On trees, clean air, WI DNR schooled by 4th-grader. Of its choice.

I'd noted that on the heels of issuing air pollution permits to Foxconn, and green-lighting wetland-fills and rare-timber cutting for various golf course or sand mining projects, the WI DNR set out without a shred of awareness or ironic reflection to celebrate Clean Air Month.

Which included a children's poetry contest, and the DNR has posted the winning entry.

Not sure why the winner's name is not included, but props to the unnamed 4th-grader for getting right what Walker's dirty air enablers atop his 'chamber of commerce mentality'-directed agency intentionally get wrong: 
"Trees give us oxygen and allow us to live. We must protect air from pollution. You must be the solution."
Looks like the DNR just posted that new mission statement I'd said it needed.

And thanks to photographer Steve Back for this aerial view

of a 247-acre nature preserve which will lose about half its trees to the Kohler golf course project in Sheboygan County.

The DNR has awarded the proposal a now-contested wetland-fill permit, and both the DNR and its oversight body have said the developer - - a major Walker campaign donor - - may have acreage within an adjoining state park for roads and a large maintenance and equipment storage building.

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