Tuesday, October 27, 2015

WI, run by dim bulbs, is broke, and broken

You cannot find a better case study about the financial and policy bankruptcy which passes for governance in Wisconsin Havocwreakistan than the plight of one cash-strapped town up North which cannot afford to buy electricity (coincidentally, this too today) to turn on the lights atop forty-seven poles along a rural highway.

The 'solution' enforced on the town by the austerity managers at WisDOT?

The same agency which is getting a new $177 million headquarters in Madison and hopes for hundreds of millions in new borrowing authority to build more new lanes and gaudier interchanges?

WisDOT is removing the poles altogether, and billing the town for the removal, effectively screwing the town out of the money it saved by keeping the lights turned off.

WisDOT says the poles are a safety hazard, so why not remove all the poles which carry electric lines and cable, along with the ubiquitous mailboxes which are often struck by vehicles?


Anonymous said...

We have been over run by idiots and they have captured our government. But worse than this is Rep. Bernier's proposed legislation to allow for concealed carry of bowie knives, machetes and swords because the law as it presently stands is confusing as to what is simply a handy pocket or pen knife. Instead of merely defining what is a pocket knife and legal to carry she chose to make the carrying of all knives legal, including swords and machetes. So if we escape being shot by a concealed gun; we now can still be hacked to death by some clown with a machete hid in his pants. For God's sake these people have to get out of their caucuses and get some fresh air and talk to some real people not just their fellow Republican power drunk legislators! We can't make this stuff up....rather than give the municipality the money to light the road they opt instead to take down the poles? Or rather than define a pocket knife we instead make all knives legal to carry! These people have to much time on their hands and need a real job. Oh that's right the jobs they have created don't pay anything!!!!

my5cents said...

This can only happen in a Republican led state. It will get much worse over the next three years. Maybe this will wake some people up, maybe not. Austerity only takes the human race backward. But, then, the rich won't be living or traveling through that town, so why should it matter. Those are just the little people who pay taxes.

Ron Legro said...

It's the Wisconsin version of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's staff shutting down a vital bridge because he wanted to diss some local officials who didn't agree with him 100 percent.

Gonefishing said...

The legislators in WI are useless. The GOP is running WI into the ground fiscally. The DEMS just keep being doormats. Guns, knives of any length, machetes - all tools the GOP love to use to reduce the opposition. Darwinism. Whatever you want to call it but WI is being run by sadists. And the sadder part is each one will probably get re-elected. It is madness!!

Anonymous said...

Sad the GOP wants to put a gun and unlimited length knife in the hands of people who don't need them. People here who conceal carry or carry knives are shopping at the supermarket, not living off the land to survive. Why do we need more tools of destruction?? Is human life if that little value to the WISGOP?