Friday, October 16, 2015

Is that a gun in your pocket, Bucky?

If so, beware that pocket dial:
The Republican speaker of the state Assembly says he's fine with people carrying concealed guns in university buildings, and likened it to carrying smartphones... 

[Robin Vos] added: "I don't have a problem with people carrying a smartphone or carrying anything else. It's a tool. It's who uses the tool and how they use it."


Anonymous said...

Vos knows all about being a tool!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can they carry their "smartphone" 40 cal. automatic into the legislative chambers. That is the real test as to how safe guns are. If they are not safe for your meeting place they are not safe for my kids meeting places. Remember the legislators have the capitol police so why not invite more guns into their chambers. HYPOCRITES!!

Sue said...

As long as it's not a SIGN.

Anonymous said...

Guns are not safe, or dangerous, they are an inanimate object. There has never been a gun that said I don't like you, I am going to shoot you. Quit trying to make the gun evil.

As far as your kids being safe on campus because guns are not allowed there, are you really naive enough to believe that? If so, just go back, and look at the location of the past shootings. Most if not all were in gun free zones.

Finally, which scenario do you prefer?
1) Your kids attend a gun free school, an active shooter comes in and kills your kids because there is no one to protect them.

2) An active shooter comes into your kids class, but a fellow student who can legally conceal carry kills the shooter before your kids are killed?

my5cents said...

I agree with Anon 8:08 p.m and Anon 8:34 p.m. Yes, Voss definitely knows all about tools and the best way to use them. He is the biggest tool in state history to put in place all of the ALEC legislation and the right-wing ideologies. His plan to eliminate open government and now working fast to eliminate any watchdog committees or means of controlling campaign finance, spending, and illegal actions all prove he is nothing more than a tool.

If it's perfectly safe to carry a gun on a college campus then it is perfectly safe to carry a gun into the state capitol or the governor's office for that matter. What makes their lives any more important than anyone else's?

Personally I think they are all nuts. They might as well pass the same law they just passed in Maine and let people carry without permits anywhere they want to.

I've thought human beings were gaining a highly advanced society by having and enforcing gun control, but this now seems as if we are going backward at break-neck speed.

JB said...

I believe Assembly rules permit the legislators to carry -- Bill Kramer open carried frequently before he, ahem, lost his job for othe reasons. I think the Senate prohibits open carry, but I don't know the position on closed carry.

kjbe said...

Anon 5:26, you're being ridiculous, those are not the only choices available and you know it. it is legal to have CCW on campus, already, just not in buildings. There is also an armed police force on the UW-Madison campus. Umpqua CC was not a gun free zone, as is not the UW-Madison campus. How do you offer only 2 emotionally charged choices, when the situation is actually moch more complicated than you present?