Friday, October 23, 2015

Because no one in WI will ride Amtrak, right?


Take the Night Train
Enjoy Saturday night service between Milwaukee and Chicago this holiday season, through January 2, 2016
For your convenience, now you can climb aboard the Hiawatha® Service on Saturdays with late-night departures through January 2, 2016.

With a new departure in each direction, Train 343 will depart Chicago at 11:10 p.m., and Train 344 will depart Milwaukee at 10:40 p.m. It's the most relaxing way to get home after a night of seasonal merriment out on the town.


Anonymous said...

Holiday rides? On that dangerous AMTRAK line. I read in the newspaper you will either get killed when the 100 year old bridges fall down, when the trains derail on the awful track, or when the oil trains explode.

Thanks, but no thanks. Those of us following the news know better than risk the lives of ourself, friends, and family. There have been many reports that in my paper that none of the trains on that line are safe. And to think, the Federal Government.certifies that line for one of the busiest transnational rail corridors in America. Disgraceful really, but done take my word for it, do some google searches.for blog posts or news reports about this. I am kind of surprised this blogger seems to have missed these stories. There have been many over the past few months.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11
I saw some articles, but didn't pay much mind to them at the time. So why is this blog promoting a death trip on what sounds like one of the most dangerous railroads around? Wouldn't we all be safer on the Greyhound bus or by taking our cars? Heck, hitchhiking sounds safer. Dying when the rails split, the bridges fall down, and then oil tankers set the whole mess on fire doesn't sound like a holiday trip I want.

Anonymous said...

Trains are socialism my friends.

Interstate highways are safe, and there are none of the dangerous oil trains.

The bible says nothing about government funding trains. Besides, it's a well known fact that lots of commies ride trains.

Anonymous said...

Trains are not only socialist, but they are very popular in that communist Russia and China. Let's all pause in silent prayer for the new Son of Man, Lord Scott Walker for bravely doing God's work, cancelling hi-speed rail, and sending more than $800 million to other heathen states to build communist hi-speed rail.

About that Walker-for-President thing, guess God has a sense of humor that works in very strange and mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

I drove to MKE twice today. I keep thinking about that train.