Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Journal Sentinel to become a Gannett operation

Independent media farther and farther in the rear view mirror. Too much one-corporation control, Bucky:
Journal Sentinel near deal to be sold to Gannett Company: Wall Street Journal


Stuart Ackley said...

I live in a Gannett newspaper area. They were bought out by Gannett about ten years ago and the annual subscription rate has doubled twice in 10 years. It's just about the same as reading USA Today with a few pages of local news in it. Terrible newspaper!

Stuart Ackley said...

I live in an area where Gannett bought the local Desert Sun about 10 years ago. It is very watered down - with most stories coming from USA today and a few local stories each day. Not a great paper! The Journal Sentinel used to be one of the 25 greatest newspapers in America. It won't be anymore.

Sue said...

Gannett was the media company that took the time and effort to research and publish the salaries of every public employee in Wisconsin. The level of interest in researching things like shadow email systems was considerably lower.
Goodness, they'll fit right in.

Joe R said...

Another McPaper.