Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fake WI conservatives on fresh road-borrowing binge

It's a concrete addiction:

The Walkerites cannot say "no" to borrowing for the road-builders - -

Scott Walker asks lawmakers for $200 million more borrowing for roads
- - even when core Waukesha County conservative constituents, protecting their wallets, do say "no."
WisDOT delays costly project, Delafield says "good."
Well, well, well, whaddya know: after years of Wisconsin over-spending and over-building on highway projects as the roads we have continue to pit and crumble - - and while phony conservative at the State Capitol are scrambling to find even more hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and debt to throw the road-builders' way - - one conservative community in the heart of conservative Waukesha County is saying one expensive interchange expansion should be shelved for a long time
Little wonder that the same crowd which preaches small government and fiscal restraint for everyone else is also spending another $177 million on a new office palace on prime Madison west side real estate for state 'transportation' (read: road-building) operations:
The Wisconsin State Journal captures the capture and surrender of conservatives unwilling or unable to limit the reach of the highway-government complex and its grasp of taxpayer dollars:
Rep. Dean Knudson, R-Hudson, said he cast a reluctant vote in favor of the project, which he described "as a nine-story testament to that simple fact that no matter how hard we try, no matter what we think of it, government tends to grow."

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should talk to the Democrats who are going to step up to make the vote bipartisan.