Friday, October 30, 2015

WI DNR questionable wolf trapping underway

Despite a federal ban on wolf hunting that applies to Wisconsin, the DNR is trying to trap and kill alleged problem wolves in Adams County after an alleged interaction between a person and wolves which would have constituted an unprecedented attack on a person in Wisconsin by wolves if verified:
September incident in Adams County in which a man said he was approached by three wolves was not an "attack," according to an investigation by federal and state law enforcement officials. 
However, efforts are underway to trap and kill wolves at the public property where the incident took place.
The trapping is permissible despite the lingering questions surrounding the incident, but is it a solution to a problem without any basis in fact?

Is there an element to it that panders to wolf and other hunting lobbies, like the rush to outlaw observing or photographing hunting and hound training practices on public land which raise animal cruelty issues?

Here's one news summary about the bill.

Which raises another question: does the DNR have a plan to prevent wolf poaching now that the federal ban is in place?
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
Will the DNR publicize the ban later this fall and winter when the wolf hunt would have been allowed, and pledge to aggressively deter and prosecute wolf and all wildlife poaching, or will 'shoot, shovel and shut-up' be tolerated in the woods with a wink and a nod?

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Anonymous said...

Research shows that wolves who are not afraid of humans and approach them like this are usually wolf/dog hybrids (they use DNA after killing the animal to determine it's origin). They are very dangerous because they seem friendly and approach humans but can attack without being provoked. They are usually alone as they are not accepted by the pack.