Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Walkerite ex-DNR #3 wants big WI public lands job

Wisconsin's small-government/austerity fakes, in thrall to monied special interests while eager to jump from one fat taxpayer-provided salary to another- -  could drag the state to a new ethical and environmental bottom.

The former #3 Walker appointee at the DNR - - the same guy who helped a polluter avoid a referral to the Attorney General for improper spreading of human septic tank waste on farm fields near residential drinking water wells - - now wants to become the administrator of the Commission on Public Lands and control the sale of major parcels of state forests, the Journal Sentinel is reporting.

Putting Gunderson in that position would help privatize more public land to please the timber industry and individuals with their eyes on prize properties, but without the publicity with which the DNR is doing it.


Anonymous said...

Gundy likes to sell things that don't belong to him.

Anonymous said...

It's a done deal. Walker and the Republicans simply don't give a darn about the people of Wisconsin. They are politicians first and foremost and they are party animals who take their orders from the three stooges: Walker, Vos and Fitzgerald. They are in essence telling the people of Wisconsin if you don't like it "try and vote us out of office!" They have so gerrymandered their districts that it is nearly impossible for them to lose an election.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Gundy also involved in the Sportsmen United or some such name along with Suder that would have funneled $500K to private interests?

Anonymous said...

When Gunderson is outlawed, only outlands will have Gunderson- or something.