Saturday, October 3, 2015

Remember those Wisconsin "Open for Business" billboards?

Who would dare make that claim after layoffs in just the first six months of 2015
in Wisconsin had exceeded all of 2014's, and especially

given the grim Wisconsin layoff and plant closing news over the last few days?

Not Caterpillar, in South Milwaukee.

Or Joy Global, in Milwaukee.

Nor the Borden Dairy in Plymouth.

And not GE, in Waukesha.

Or Highsmith, in Ft. Atkinson.

Not to mention Hamlin, in Lake Mills.


Anonymous said...

Howww amazing given that the corporate state tax rate in Wisconsin is near zero and legislation has been enacted to dismantle unions.

And, Scott Walker is considering a third term despite his third straight drop in approval ratings.

Anonymous said...

So what if there are some layoffs in Wisconsin this year?

The media has already explained that Scott Walker's 250,000 job promise was never meant to be taken seriously nor is it fair to even ever mention it ever again.

I am sure somewhere someone (legal or otherwise) is being hired to clean someone's house or whatever. We live in a service economy now where we all need to earn family supporting wages washing each other's clothes and such. No big deal.

Open for business was never meant to mean that we would, you know, actually increase manufacturing in Wisconsin or grow the economy with employers that hired bunches of Badger State citizens. You are misleading in this post when you try to represent the core rallying cry of Wisconsin's GOP as somehow being about job growth for the little folk...

Now tax breaks for out-of-state and multi-national interest? Yeah, we're "open" for something -- it's just that reasonable people can question whether its business or monkey business.

Anonymous said...

Business governing for the government, and by the government. Check out Bill Krause's blog. He does a wonderful job explaining the new GOP. The former chief of staff for the Honorable Mime Ellis spoke about it last week Friday on the Devils Advocates radio show, 92.1 in Madison (I caught it being replayed last night as I left Madison).

Anonymous said...

Isn't the CEO of GE on Obamas job council?

Talk about irony!