Thursday, October 8, 2015

Greenhouse gas emissions continually excessive, data show

Just so you know, the upper atmosphere safety limit for carbon dioxide is 350 parts per million and that level has been passed consistently since 1988, data show

A website that publishes the data has the most recent reading, below. 

The US does not have a comprehensive plan to reduce these emissions, and Wisconsin and other states run by conservatives are fighting achievable, modest efforts by the federal government to make the air cleaner and healthier by reducing the release of climate-changing carbon dioxide.

This Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources webpage which links to the data below, and which says "Climate change is mainly the result of rising CO2 levels in Earth´s atmosphere," hasn't been updated for 17 months.

Another DNR webpage on climate change has not been updated for 40 months, and had much of its links and information scrubbed more than three years ago.

Wisconsin is also obstructing transit, rail services, and cleaner power generation, including wind and solar sources.
Atmospheric CO2 data and trend

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