Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Battle stations, Bucky

The survivalist caucus in the Wisconsin Legislature is dead set on making sure Dad, Aunt Brenda and your cranky Uncle Wayne are locked and loaded when Commissar Obama launches his Secret Plan To Confiscate Your Guns, Croquet Mallets and Cutlery.

Having finally freed our weapons-deprived citizenry, even when really ticked off, to take immediate possession of a legally-purchased handgun, then walk around with it openly holstered, or carry it concealed in a pocket or purse, and empty it with impunity under The Castle Doctrine - - and probably soon tuck it into a campus backpack right next to the iPad and that carryout burrito - - conservative legislators are looking to give equal rights to switchblade and other knife owners and extend them concealed-carry privilege, too.

As they knowingly say, you don't want to bring a knife to a gunfight, but bringing a knife and a gun to the fight with the blessing of your elected official-cum-weapons-adviser just might be the equalizer.

Where's the rocket launcher lobby?

On, Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

When I e-mailed Rep. Bernier to express my outrage with her absurd proposal I received the usual Republican response: "Send your voting address so we can appropriately handle your response." These clowns won't respond if you don't reside in their district or if your of the wrong political flavor. Yet their proposals effect the entire state but they act as if they are only obligated to those in their gerrymandered district even though they work supposedly for all of us and we all pay their salary! It's just another way they avoid being responsible to the people instead of just their party!

Anonymous said...

I own hand guns and long guns. Mine were all bought new thru local dealers. The cheapest hand gun was $350. The cheapest long gun $150 .410 single shot youth gun. I have attended local gun shows and have seen used hand guns for as little as $100. My point is to own a gun as a non criminal it is going to cost a minimum of $50-$100. A good quality folding knife $30 to over $100. Same for a fixed blade "hunting" knife. Why do we need to add more weapons onto our streets. I don't walk in our city worrying about every person I see carrying a hand gun. But the glorified cool spring loaded "switch blade" seen in many movies will be a desired weapon for those without the resources to own a hand gun. How many kids will carry one to school. How many will carry one daily on the streets where we live. Contrary to the promise that crime in Wisconsin would go down once CC was passed the opposite is true the crime rate is up. Assaults i.e. stabbings will go up with the implementation of this law. What the hell is the matter with the adults that are making our laws. Actually that is the problem there are no adults introducing these laws they are all frustrated bullies.

Anonymous said...

You are right on every point. Why do we need more weapons? The thought of kids having knives in class...it is just putting others at risk for no good reason. The WISGOP cannot claim to be pro-life after this. WISGOP is a bunch of bullies who care less about your life or those that you love.