Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Milwaukee police officers, straw gun sale shooting victims, win Federal court suit

[Updated] Breaking - - Civil negligence, financial liability assessed against Badger Guns in a so-called straw handgun sale to a buyer who then transferred the weapon to an underage, ineligible owner who subsequently seriously wounded two Milwaukee police officers with the gun.

Conspiracy charges tossed by the jury.

More than $5 million in damages awarded.

Big national ramifications for the liability of licensed dealers.

Another Milwaukee case involving officers wounded with a gun bought in a straw sale at the same shop is scheduled for early next year.


Update - - I'd said "split findings" in the original headline because, as the verdicts were being read, the jury was reported to have voted down the conspiracy allegations. But the overwhelming balance of the verdicts and judgements were in the plaintiffs' favor, so I have rewritten a more accurate headline.

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