Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Webb, Sanders provided mini-Vietnam War teach-in

Surprise transcendent moments in last night's debate provided by Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders about the damage done by and still lingering from the War in Vietnam.

Wonderful that those two with such different experiences - - Webb, the wounded former US Marine and Sanders, a conscientious objector applicant - - later could come together years later as US Senators to work on veterans' legislation.

And all that "boots on the ground" talk these days?

Be careful.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing the perspective of Senators who voted on different and their reasons for voting the way they did. It makes me sad the Democratic Party doesn't think the debates are important enough to be broadcast on network TV and Public television so that those without cable could hear what the candidates have to say. I would say the same about the Republican party but what would be the point? They don't have any interest in appealing to those who can't afford cable.