Wednesday, October 21, 2015

For the record, WI lost 1,300 jobs last month

[Updated with corrected number in headline]

Are employers stampeding to Wisconsin, where billboards at the borders say the state is "open for business," it's still legal to pay workers only $7.25 per hour, business and upper-income bracket taxes have been cut, environmental regulations long-claimed to discourage development have been weakened, wage-depressing laws like 'right-to-work' are on the books, and top officials have promised and predicted for years that job growth would take off like a rocket?

Nope. Official data from September show a net monthly loss of 1,300 private-sector jobs.

Sure - - it's just a snapshot, but who would claim the focus is sharp?


Sue said...

People like the Koch Brothers and Diane Hendricks got what they ordered. They must not have understood that they had any responsibility in the transaction other than writing a check and making a purchase.

Anonymous said...

Walker will point to the supposed 100,000 job listings on the WISC Job Center website and argue that we don't have a jobs problem but we have a skills problem. If these jobs paid anything Wisconsin would be invaded by out of state people with the skills needed. But Wisconsin is losing people not gaining people. If companies were desperate to fill these jobs they would offer incentives or training opportunities to attract people. These 100,000 jobs must mostly be of such low pay that full time work doesn't allow people to house and feed their families. Walker and the Republicans have destroyed our economy and the education needed to provide skills to grow the economy. In their destructive rage they have taken the environment down and in so doing killed green energy industries and their potential jobs. They've attacked biotech research and the associated jobs and turned back federal funds for light and high speed rail and all of those jobs. Any industry that pays a living wage they have refused to promote and in fact have made it harder for those innovative industries to even exist in Wisconsin. They have driven Wisconsin off a cliff and make no apologies!