Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First Sulfates, Now Asbestos: The GTAC Toxic Stew Thickens

One step backwards for that mine, two steps backwards, as it seems asbestos rain is in the forecast. Thirty-five years of mountain-top dynamiting, open-pit excavating, milling and trucking could put those fibers in the air, drinking, fishing and rice-growing waters.

Asbestos mineral fibers have been found in a rock sample at the site of a proposed iron ore mine by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 
The agency said Monday that asbestos was confirmed by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey recently after a DNR geologist visiting the site last spring suspected the rock contained telltale fibers of the known carcinogen.
Another scientist told Wisconsin Public Radio:
“What’s really a surprise is the abundance of it, at least in this one location,” he says. “The [asbestos]is probably 60 percent of the rock. That is the richest rock I’ve ever seen.” 

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Gareth said...

This should do wonders for tourism in the Hurley, Mercer and Manitowish Waters area. Who wouldn't want to rent or own a cabin downwind from a fine-particle asbestos dump?

Tourism is northern Wisconsin's heritage and it's future -- toxic mining, not so much.