Monday, October 14, 2013

The Far-Right, From DC To WI, Is Out Of Bounds

The new GOP normal keeps edging farther to the right fringe, and its core, corrosive and corrupt extremism should be condemned.

Shutting down the government, threatening world economic collapse, taking paychecks and services and peace of mind from millions of citizens to advance a political agenda needs to be rejected, at the poll, and hard.

Waving confederate flags in front of the White House with its first African-American elected resident, and in a heavily African-American city is offensive beyond words.

Telling Native Americans in Wisconsin that schools may continue to stereotype their images and cultures, and that their Northern Wisconsin rice-growing traditions, let alone their drinking water and clean air is expendable, is beyond offensive.

Mainstream media and credible opinion-makers have to marginalize these extremists and their behavior.

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