Friday, October 25, 2013

NY Times Touts Great Milwaukee Hang-Outs

The travel feature "36 Hours In" stops in Milwaukee and recommends Boswell book store, the new Clock Shadow Creamery,  Zafirro's pizza and the incomparable Leon's custard stand, along with predictable destinations for art, brats, beer tours and the like. Text, photos, here.


Anonymous said...

Amazing -- they could have done a story about criminal investigations that are ongoing (and NOT new as a certain "watchdog" at journal communications implied).

The "newspaper of record" regularly shows itself to be dysinformation (weapons of mass destruction, anyone?)

Surely the big story out of Wisconsin this week is not custard and brats.

But I know you have no influence th4ere -- but you do here -- why is this a worthy blog post?

James Rowen said...

II posted it to highlight the hard work of people I know or patronize in Milwaukee. No one is forcing you to read these posts. I would suggest you spend your time elsewhere. Life is too short...

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

why is this a worthy blog post?

Why do you hate custard?

If JR does not blog to your satisfaction, why don't you start your own blog?

Anony Too said...

There's plenty to complain about in the JS. Why don't you make your complaints to the JS instead of to James? He doesn't work there any more as you know. Many of his complaints about the direction and/or quality of JS coverage are the same as yours, as you should know by now. Your constant bitching on this blog just makes you irrelevant and annoying to those of us who read JR.

You have many venues in which to air your concerns to the JS: letters to the editor, Op Eds, comments to JS online, calls to the ombudsman, calls or e-mails to to the editorial board, e-mails to the reporter. Why you ignore all those opportunities to rant and rave here is confusing to the rest of us and quite useless in terms of accomplishing anything.

Anonymous said...

I like to read good things about Milwaukee. Too often our largest city is being bashed by politicians and pundits who live elsewhere and take advantage of tax money generated within Milwaukee's boundaries.

Anonymous said...

PS: I personally think a positive story about Milwaukee in the venerated New York Times is a good thing. Better than 'news"' such as Jeffrey Dahmer, cryptosporidium outbreaks, or racial segregation wouldn't you say?

New York really likes our custard!!! ! and our pizza and our bookstore!!!!

That's amazingly cool for someone from New York to write--from a city that has pretty much everything 24-7-365.

James Rowen said...

This one-commenter will not post on JS sites, I believe, because those require an email registration.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well said. It's amazing to me how so many Milwaukee-area types bash the city, while people from outside the area consistently talk it up. I'm tired of suburb trash bad-mouthing the state's biggest and best economic engine.

Milwaukee's got a whole lot going for it, and it's time it got treated with the fairness and respect it deserves. It adds a helluva lot more to this state than Hartland or Mequon or Brookfield ever will.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

spot on, Jake.

I had a couple of friends from Minnesota visit for a weekend recently, and they couldn't stop talking about how friendly and attractive everyone was.

They even were OK with sitting in a bar watching the end of the Packer game.

And after showing them around, I told them I felt like we didn't hit half of the spots I wanted to show them. We made it to Wolski's but not the Harley museum, for instance.