Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In Wisconsin, "R" Is For Race To The Rear

Republicans in Wisconsin are on a backwards roll - - as is Team Cruz in the Congress.

The "R's" in Wisconsin are backing or guaranteeing forced, medically-unneeded ultrasound procedures on women, higher speed limits (but not strengthening the nation's weakest, most permissible OWI laws), an unscientific wolf slaughter (oh, right, "harvest,") for sport, more-easily retained race-based public school names and mascots that slur Native Americans, and open-pit iron mining in a pristine watershed close to Ojibwe drinking water and rice-growing estuaries along Lake Superior.

Remember all the outreach a more moderate, open-minded GOP had pledged after losing the Presidency a second time to Barack Obama?

Remember that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Republicans should "stop being the stupid party?"

"R" in Wisconsin stands for "retrograde."

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Anonymous said...

There are other important issues too that the rest of the nation is moving forward on but Wisconsin ignores: gay marriage and pot legalization to name just two.

What's most disturbing is that in many ways the electorate of Wisconsin is still primarily democratic. In 2012, if you tally up all the House races in Wisconsin, Democratic Candidates got more than 44,000 more votes than Republican candidates-- not to mention Obama took the state handily and Tammy Baldwin won too.

The state remains in R control in spite of a democratic leaning electorate in Wisconsin. The lesson of all this is that Democrats have to vote in off-year or non-Presidential year elections.