Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why Is Wisconsin The Only State That...

* Treats first-time-caught drunk driving (except if a child is on board) as a no-jail, mail-in-your-fine ticket?

*  Made legal the use of dogs in wolf hunting (currently enjoined by an appellate court)?

*  Pays bear hunters up to $2,500 for hounds killed in the hunt, or by a wolf?

Are we a life-is-cheap, oh-so tradition-bound state, or it a matter of powerful hunting and alcohol industry lobbying having its way with too many legislators afraid of their own shadows?

One clue: Even loyal GOP foot soldiers like Mequon State Rep. Jim Ott and River Hills State Sen. Alberta Darling, having cited horrific drunk-driving episodes that cry out for reasonable reform, are unable to get hearings and floor votes on tepid of OWI legislative changes, such as at least deterring and criminalizing drunk driving at about twice (0.15) the legal blood alcohol content limit of (0.08).

You can argue that the status quo is all about honoring Wisconsin's good-time drinking and hunting traditions, but look to another tradition - - special-interest influences - - first.

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