Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New John Doe Or Old, Walker Will Know Nothing

It's been his pattern for 25 years beginning with his ethically-messy losing campaign for Marquette University student body president, so this new probe will be treated the same way: 'I know nothing...I have no information...I wasn't even born yet...' etc.

Through later campaigns, his County Executive years and as Governor, too.

The pattern documentation, is here.

And a sample from that posting:

A few months ago, Scott Walker told the AP he didn't have a clue about the John Doe probe. Here's how the Eau Claire paper framed the story when running it: 
Walker says he knows nothing of investigation
"We don't know what exactly is involved," Walker said Friday when asked about the raid after a public event at Milwaukee's General Mitchell Airport.
"As far as what I know is what I've been reading in the press. I don't have any more information beyond that." 
*  Then a few weeks ago, Scott Walker drew another blank when the Journal Sentinel asked about where he thought the John Doe was headed, and he commented in this story:

Walker says he has met man jailed in investigation

In response to a question about those around him, Walker went on to say that he believed his aides - some of whom have come under scrutiny from authorities - had acted correctly as well.

"I'm not aware of anything, particularly for people working for me right now. There's nothing brought to my attention that would be a problem," Walker said.
A list he updated when he said didn't know anything about Scott Suder and Sportsmengate.

And he'll go into denial mode on the new probe revealed by Dan Bice.

And this is why you would not buy a used car from him.


Boxer said...

He's like Sgt. Schultz in "hogan's Heroes":
"I know no-THINGK!"

Anonymous said...

dan bice, a media hack, proclaimed the John Doe probe "dead as a doornail" last year -- of course he needs to get in-front of the story now. He lead the disinformation machine last year leading up to the false claims that the investigation was closed.

Don't take bice at his word -- his is a source of disinformation. Here is what we know:

1. It was the FBI that broke down doors and seized computers, not Milwaukee County and/or state folks. This was NOT done because, as the media tried to deceive you, outside expertise was needed. This was done because the feds have had some interest in this case for quite some time now (years).

2. dan bice was catapulting some powerful propaganda when he proclaimed the probe "dead as a doornail". No wonder he is willing to position himself as the go-to guy now.

3. The current investigation is NOT new and it is connected to the Milwaukee County investigation that was "closed" -- what we don't know is why it was "closed" when the prosecutions PowerPoint in another conviction clearly outlined there were more crimes higher up.

4. It is newsworthy that a former U.S. Attorney with ties to the republicans is not involved with a walker-investigation.

5. We know its about walker, if not, he wouldn't be making claims that it is all about "politics".

6. There are credible reports that, despite public proclaimations and right-wing media echo-chamber reports to the contrary, walker's legal defense fund was actually NEVER closed.

7. Walker still has his legal team active -- we know what that means -- stonewalling and delaying.

8. The recall can be demonstrated to be stolen -- but I will not post that here -- wisconsin's media echo-chamber is complicite with walker's assent to power, including providing cover for obviously stolen/fradulent election results in the Badger State over the past several years (Van Hollen, in 2006 and his opponent that year got, in total, more votes assigned to them than the total number of ballots cast! This is IMPOSSIBLE, but this is also the norm in walkersha.

Don't expect the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from anyone connected with journal communications, lee enterprises, gannet, and clear channel (and there are others too).

When someone proclaims they are a "journalist" or "reporter", be skeptical -- it is the MEDIA that is actually most responsible for our "divide and conquer" governor.

Gareth said...

One could create a devastating campaign commercial by just editing together all the video clips of the Guv claiming a complete lack of knowledge on a wide range of scandals and government business. No commentary would be necessary. Has there ever been an elected official who has been so out-of-the-loop? Nixon comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

"i'm going to stay focused... on helping the people of this state..."
scott walker,10/22/2013
"let others wallow in watergate;we're going to do our job."
richard nixon,7/20/1973

James Rowen said...

To Anon. 2:45 p.m. I publish this only to refute your argumentation. Bice reported what a source told him.

That is doing his job. Bice did not "proclaim" it.

Your name-calling and twisted comments serve no purpose here.