Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scott Walker Is No John Kasich

We know that Scott Walker is no Mark Dayton, the Minnesota Democratic Governor whose state has created a home-grown health insurance exchange with prices on average 88% lower than the inadequate alternatives Walker has intentionally imposed on Wisconsinites.

But who'd have thought the conservative Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich would speak out with a defense of the poor and government safety nets?

And shames by contrast Scott Walker-the-former-Eagle-Scout who has also refused to accept federal Medicaid dollars and tossed 92,000 Wisconsinites off their health care coverage.

Commentator Bill Kaplan has a good posting on this subject, which is featured today on the Cap Times state debate round-up.

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Max B said...

It was probably intentional that most of the 92,000 losing their healthcare coverage are either children or the elderly: they can't vote him out of office.