Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ron Johnson, Right And Wrong

He's on Sykes' radio show right now talking about their party's failed effort to turn "five Democrat votes" in the Senate against Obamacare. As long as Johnson calls the other party the Democrat Party, those vote changes are never going to happen.

On the other hand, Johnson calls the damage to the GOP by its screwy 'strategy' (read: Ted Cruz's One-Man-Big-Ego-Show) these last few shutdown weeks "incalculable...a spectacular failure" - - and Sykes agreed - - so maybe I need to cut Johnson some slack.

Don't get me wrong. Johnson is still foaming hysterically about Obamacare, that it is going to wreck the economy, take away your freedom, yaddayaddayyadda.

But he is right that the GOP ginned up a self-defeating, failing strategy, and Sykes is right that Speaker Boehner is the Big Loser Of The Week.

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