Monday, October 14, 2013

WI Wolf Slaughter Begins Tuesday

Wisconsin's shameful wolf hunt begins Tuesday. Blood sport for bloody politics.

Get past the "harvest" rhetoric, the mysterious authorship of the enabling law and the false flag of livestock and animal killing by wolves exaggerated to justify the hunt - - and you are left with the truth:

So-called sportsmen and women wanted and got the right to kill these animals for sport: 

Mike Wiggins, chairman of the Bad River Ojibwe tribe in Wisconsin, stated that “the presence of wolves in the woods is sacred and tangible. They are a gift.” With that being said, wolves mean a lot to Native Americans; wolves are the traditional and spiritual importance to them.
gray wolf
Courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Servi

Farmers had been allowed to shoot wolves that killed their animals or call in wardens that would deal with it.

The state has and continues to operate a depredation reimbursement plan - - including up to $2,500 to bear hunters whose dogs were killed by wolves protecting their territory - - further compensating for wolves that were encouraged to reproduce under state and local protections.

But after the federal government removed the wolf from protection, Wisconsin's new right-wing government run by Scott Walker, and beholden to the NRA and other hunting groups, and a small town/rural constituency, kicked the scientists and biologists out of planning and advisory inputs and threw together a hunt designed to terrorize, wear down and decimate the wolves with traps and guns.

All that's left is to legalize the use of dogs in wolf hunting - - leading to more bloodletting and state payments, too.

This year's hunt - - the second - - substantially expands the killing.

Next year and the year after, and soon the wolf killers will have wiped out the packs.

For blood sport, serving bloody politics.


Unknown said...

Is there any way that I can print sheets for petition signatures to end this horrific and soulless slaughter?

Unknown said...

is there any way i can print sheets for petition signatures to stop this horrific and souless slaughter?