Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From The Base, Belling's Barbs For J. B.

Conservative afternoon WISN-AM radio talker Mark Belling has told his SE Wisconsin listeners or Waukesha Freeman readers that J. B. Van Hollen is a wimp, a country club Republican, a "sellout" and the worst GOP Attorney General in the country.

So I would use Belling as a barometer for Van Hollen's chances to move into Gov.Walker's seat with the party's backing should Walker quit after one term.

You can work you way to some Belling's barbs, here.

For example:

If J.B. Van Hollen were an item in a clothing store, he’d be the coat rack.


Jonathan Swift said...

Throw enough darts and even Belling can hit the dart board once in a while. J.B. is the worst attorney general. It appears the most important part of evidence in any case is the amount of campaign contributions given and to whom.
It may have been illegal but not criminal (if my friends do it) The GOP get out of jail card, and on and on. He has been in a forest of corruption and hasn't seen a tree.

Anonymous said...

belling should have used this line from george gobel,when he was on the tonight show with bob hope and dean martin, "did you ever get the feeling that the world's a tuxedo and you're a pair of brown shoes?"