Monday, October 14, 2013

Licensees Surveyed About Merging Two WI State Departments

Under the plan, the Department that licenses numerous professions - - the old Department of Regulation and Licensing - -  would be combined with the State Ag Department - - formally known as Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

The State DOA is managing the survey: Madisonians may recognize local politico Nancy Mistele as one of the DOA executives whose division is in charge.

I've seen the paperwork, but it's not in a format I can copy.

People being surveyed are being asked for their opinions about the potential impacts of the consolidation, the use of any savings, etc.  They are also being asked to send the survey by email to trade association contacts and others who deal with the two regulatory departments.


Anonymous said...

The State could merge the DOT and the DNR at this point. still appauled that the DNR would think its a good idea to crush concrete in a preserved woodland.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

As a State licensed professional, I received an invitation to fill out a questionnaire on this. It seemed kind of slanted toward "if we can reduce service and save money, do you want a tax rebate?" kind of answers.

I requested they send me the results of the survey, I can send them along to you if you're interested, JR.

James Rowen said...

To ZRM - - sure. someone sent it to me but I could not copy/edit past from it.

Gareth said...

Nancy Mistele is a nasty piece of work. "Hateful rigid ideologue" doesn't even begin to describe her. Competence is not her strong suit. After repeatedly losing every run for elected office in Dane County over two decades, she was finally rewarded with a sinecure on the Walker Wingnut Welfare Wagon. God help anyone who has to work for this person.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

yeah, basically I figure this combination would result in crappier service. Up til now, Ihaven't had much to complain about in the way Safety & Buildings handled permits, or the Commerce folks handled licensing. But this seems a sure way to make things worse.

Also, I imagine the change in supervision would result in a fair number of retirements and quitting, so it's a way to reduce headcount without layoffs. So that's the other way it would make for lousier service.

But hey, thanks for the 11 dollars, Republicans! I think I will use mine to buy most of a case of beer.

Joe R said...

For the record, Nancy Mistele was elected to the Madison School Board in the 90s, as implausible as that may sound today. Folks around here were in the mood for a tax-cutting budget hawk back then. What they got instead in Mistele was a mean-spirited, venom-spitting harpy who alienated just about everybody. Voter antipathy carried over to her later runs for state senate and Dane County Executive, elections in which she was deservedly squashed like a bug.