Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Things First: Waukesha To Brief Businesses On Water Diversion Application

Well, that only took a few days:

Duchniak will provide an update to Alliance members this Friday, October 18. More information about this free program is available here.  

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Anonymous said...

Come and have a radium tainted glass of tap water with Dan. Get use to it. You won't notice a difference between the water from well 10 which has a radium filter and the other radium tainted wells wells we've restored to service until well 10 is repaired. We have until June 2018 to install filters on all the deep wells to keep carcinogens out of our water. Never mind the inflammatory statements to the non-locals that need to be fooled into thinking we have an immediate need for Lake Michigan water. They'll believe anything when you pepper it up with scary words like carcinogens and dissolved solids.

Join us, won't you?