Thursday, October 31, 2013

WI Wolf Kill Hits 181; 70 To Go, Trappers Dominating

The DNR says the wolf hunt toll has hit 181, and published reports indicate majority Gray Wolf in Steel Jaw Trap
have been killed by trappers:

It was reported that 101 of the wolves registered through October 24 had been taken by trappers – that came to 80 percent of the kill. Hunters using guns had taken 26 animals... 
During the first wolf hunt last year, trappers took 53 percent of the wolves, or 117 animals.
And to the commenter CJ: I prefer these images and news:
Caption: Grey Wolf , Credit: Photo by Retron via Wikimedia Commons.  Photo in public domain.Image by: Photo by Retron via Wikimedia Commons. Photo in public domain.   


CJ said...

James, Could you please put a diffferent picture up for a while. This one breaks my heart and saddens my soul daily. It's getting to be a bit much.

James Rowen said...

I thought long and hard about that today, but it is the reality, no? I'd also like the DNR to stop talking about the harvest. We're not talking amber waves of grain.

James Rowen said...

More to CJ - - OK.

Betsey said...

Can you find out how many of those traps were baited? Also, how does DNR count those wolves who were trapped first and then shot?

CJ said...

I understand the the intent of visual impact that you are trying to make. Yes, it is the reality.

I hunt, but do not trap for obvious reasons. It is not sport and is inherently cruel.

I appreciate the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Trapping should be illegal period!
That is a cruel way to kill an animal.