Friday, October 18, 2013

After Shutdown Debacle, Look To GOP For Immigration Bill/Debacle 2.0

I don't think the GOP learned anything from its suicidal behavior over the last few weeks, and the proof will come when they keep being the stupid party, as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal say so precisely in January, and toss all decent immigration reform proposals into the Tea Party trash.

A debacle here, a debacle there, and soon you're talking about deep political self-marginalization.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

judging by the statements of the leadership, they have learned that taking hostages is no longer a viable path toward governing from the minority.

That does not, however, preclude the TeaBagging Wing of the party from hijacking the process.

But I don't think the voters are willing to much put up with such shenanigans.

Oh, and also, Teabaggers: thanks for making Obamacare more popular.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and also, Teabaggers: thanks for making Obamacare more popular."

Oh, it's going to be popular alright.

It's going to be all the rage people will be talking about right through the 2014 election cycle. But of course that's only if we can just get the Obamacare government exchange website up and running so more that 5000 people can purchase insurance. "Not more than about 5,000 individuals and families signed up for health insurance” through as of last Monday".

I'm sure people who think this is another Obama cell phone giveaway are going to make Obamacare a topic of discussion.

Hope and change: you got what you asked for.

Boxer said...

Keep on bein' wacky, Tea Partiers--it'll be great for you come the next elections.

PS to Anonymouse 6:19 AM: Nasty works well, too.

Gareth said...

I can't wait for the immigration debate. I expect that there will be demands for all the illegal Irish who stream across the border from Canada to self-deport. But that would collapse the all important Irish pub segment of the economy, so maybe not.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

anonymous prefers millions of fellow Americans to be left without insurance coverage.

No wonder he declines to choose a nym. Better to hide his hatefulness.