Wednesday, July 3, 2013

GTAC Is Only Doing Test Borings And The Environmental Mess Is Visible

Imagine open-pit mining for 35 years after the Hills are dynamited and trucked out.

Video, here:


enoughalready said...

As the late Pope John Paul II wrote [Centesimus Annus]:

"Certainly the mechanisms of the market offer secure advantages: they help to utulize resources better; they promote the exchange of products; above all they give central place to the person's desires and preferences, which, in a contract, meet the desires and preferences of another person. Nevertheless, these mechanisms carry the risk of the idolatry of the market [emphasis added], an existence which ignores the existence of goods which by their very nature are not and cannot be mere commodities."

Gareth said...

China Introduces Death Penalty for Serious Cases of Pollution

"...China has quite easily the worst pollution levels in the world. Levels of small particulate matter in the atmosphere of cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and others, is often recorded at seven times higher than the air quality standard set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Factories in the Pearl River Delta have released so much pollution into the water that it has created a dead zone that stretches from the river mouth several miles out into the sea. A recent study by the Health Effects Institute reported that over a million people die prematurely every year in China due to air pollution.

It offers some relief then that they seem to be taking environmental crimes very seriously, after Chinese authorities have just given courts the power to hand out death sentences when dealing with cases of serious pollution. Obviously an extreme approach, but maybe it is the only way to actually deal with the problem."

Generally I am opposed to the death penalty, but the Chinese may be onto something here.