Tuesday, July 23, 2013

High-Caliber Fun FOR Deer, Wolves?

From the Beloit Daily News, July 18, 2013:

She said the DNR is working to rebuild trust with the hunting community and to keep outdoors activities fun, whether for deer, fish or wolves.
Though Stepp has been the FunMeister at the agency for a while. Per her color-coded 2011 Halloween email:
this message is sent to all DNR Central Office staff, Darwin Road staff, and Regional Directors:
Come and join us for our 1st annual Halloween Progressive Potluck  
How does it work?
Staff on each floor will be designated a food type to bring....Everyone will need to go floor to floor to get a balanced meal (unless you are in the mood for only dessert and you can just stay on 7th floor…)
And Costume Challenge!
Central Office has challenged the Regions to a costumer competition. We are asking each bureau and office to take a picture of their staff in costume and forward it to Laurel Steffes. Pictures will be included in the next e-digest. 


Anonymous said...

who prepared her for the interview, george w. bush?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

That cracked me right up.