Friday, July 26, 2013

Scott Walker Is Losing The Moral War At The Capitol

He loses every time the police handcuff and haul away a harmless senior citizen for singing in the Capitol rotunda.

Few leaders have been well-served by making mass arrests, and grey power will negate the state power he is abusing in an increasingly failing state.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, arresting a veteran who was standing silently, and in the course of the arrest, making him drop the American Flag he was holding and then walking on it.

Anonymous said...

And yet again, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel remains silent. Have they no shame? Perhaps not, since they've long ago ceased to be a news organization. And notice how Scott Walker gets a pass on his comments regarding Ryan Braun; the audacity of Scott Walker to lecture anyone on the topic of "ethics" or "accountability". Walker blathers on with impunity, knowing that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel won't call him on it. (You have to wonder if that sticks in MJS's craw just a little bit.)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely shameful.

During the Act and Recall protests we could get away with anything we wanted.

Now this - what's happening to Madison?

Anonymous said...

Act 10 is the law. Get over it.

The protesters are required to have a permit to gather to protest. Get the dam permit and sing till the permit expires. What's so hard to understand?

Finally, someone fired Tubbs. Thank you. We're finally restoring order to the Capital building so that all may enjoy their time there.If I were the chief, I'd send a message loud and clear to the useless Madison courts, these law breakers will become a burden to your budget. You want a revolving door policy, you'd better budget for worn out door hardware.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The Capitol is the People's Building, and the Wisconsin Constitution guarantees free and unfettered access for the people of Wisconsin, Nonny-boo-boo. I know you people hate the Wisconsin Constitution and democratic process, but get over it.

Ignoring the freedoms stipulated in the Constitution doesn't make what is going on legal or right.

Why do you hate Wisconsin, except when it's being turned into the worst state in the country? Why do you despise the progressive history upon which the state was built? Why are you so embarrassed about your opinions that you must hide behind the "Anonymous"?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Of course, the real issue is that the post talke about Scott Walker's failure in the moral issues at the Capitol, which has nothing to do with the trumped up and likely unconstitutional permitting issue, except as another example of how Turdwaffle is morally bankrupt.

So, elegance in changing the subject, Sparky McBlabberton (since you refuse to pick a nym, I picked one for you).

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Notice how the righties are so willing to submit and roll over to their chosen instead of have any consistency of their beliefs. It's quite telling to those of us outside of AM radio bubble-world. But we already knew you we were weak-minded sheep- it's why you need the 9 hours of hate every day on the radio for your outlet.

The DOA's rules on permits are arbitrary and ILLEGAL. And it'll be the state that picks up the tab for lost man hours and time spent having to try to defend these stupid tickets (well, until they're all thrown out). Oh, but I'm sure you'll blame it on the people acting legally instead of the Walker Administration's one-sided policies and authoritarianism that caused the problem.

RIGHTS DON'T REQUIRE CHECKS OR PERMITS, I seem to recall a lot of you gun nuts saying this quite a bit in the last 7 months. Oh, but now that people choose to attend a public forum and do some things you don't like, it's an issue for you basement-dwellers?

Please, try "divide and conquer" one more time. We dare you.