Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Walker Administration Short-Changed Employee Pay

Looks like the state (the taxpayers) owes its corrections guards up to a possible $4.8 million in wages peeled off their paychecks by a Walker workplace 'reform.' 

That's what you can do after you've killed off collective bargaining.

Where have we seen seen this type of employee bullying before? Who is the inveterate abuser of contracts, worker rights and fair compensation? Who is the reckless boss who ends up having other people pay out millions to cover his bad behavior?

Back when Walker was County Exec in Milwaukee and violated a contract with forced furloughs that cost workers $4.5 million that taxpayers had to pay back:

The furlough days were imposed in 2010 as an emergency measure by Gov. Scott Walker, then the county executive, and the County Board. Courts have since ruled that the furloughs violated the terms of county contracts. 
Total doled out this month by county taxpayers as a result: $4.5 million.
That's what happens when you disrespect contract law.

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