Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Most Cities Are Boosting Their Downtowns And Historic Sites - - But Not Waukesha

Only in Waukesha County could the powers that be propose relocating a museum from an historic site in its downtown Waukesha County Museumcloser to an Interstate Highway.

But that's the goal:

A study team is recommending the Waukesha County Museum leave its location in the former county courthouse building in downtown Waukesha for a more visible site near I-94, the Waukesha Freeman is reporting....
Perhaps they could link this to the Walker budget item that lets the Governor sell state properties.

Talk about a Walker-Waukesha base/win-win:

There's a state DMV center and regional WisDOT building close to I-94 that could be multi-tasked into a museum, easy.

And no one visiting one of those repurposed low-slung state structures built to honor storage facility or oil change shop designs would have to suffer through stupid 19th century architecture echoing hoity-toity crap you'd see in some European country.

And don't forget that there's plenty of space still available off WisDOT's $23 million exit to nowhere at the Pabst Farms development in Western Waukesha County


Anonymous said...

And SEWRPC made the exact same move a decade ago, no?

James Rowen said...

Great point. They moved from that very building to an office park in Pewaukee bought from its favored consultant, Ruekert-Mielke.

Anonymous said...

Well, to properly contemplate the exhibits, you do need to be within earshot of lots of jake braking.