Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crossroads Piece Offers Nothing Supporting Dire Milwaukee Scenario

This Crossroads column offers faint praise for Milwaukee at Detroit's expense, but has all the earmarks of a headline and thematic metaphor (government as reality show) in search of a conclusion since it offers no evidence to support this sweeping wrap-up:

Milwaukee city and county may look good by comparison, but there is plenty of dysfunction on the Common Council and County Board that could spell trouble in the future. If the city's finances take a dive, other cities will be delighted they aren't locked in a house with a shirtless Milwaukee while the cameras are rolling.
You will also note that the author throws in the County but is aiming at the City, a bit of muddying conflation supported by nothing but rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

SCHNEIDER is nothing but a arrogant Walker conduit. SCHEIDER needs to STFU!

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick. They want to steal everything publicly owned good for a fire sale benefiting the rich. I am so glad that that judge refused to allow Detroit to go bankrupt - at least for now public treasures are safe. And what about state-owned buildings in Milwaukee. Which ones did Terrance Wall or some other billionaire put dibs on before the bill allowing this theft? Scott Walker and his minions disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker only wishes he could visit on the City of Milwaukee what Snyder and his minions have done to Detroit. When the state welches on paying obligated funds to the city under "budget crisis" pretenses, then we'll know for sure.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

What did you think the true intent of the Mikwaukee County "reform" bill was? It's the first step to having an unelected Emergency Manager try to sell off the assets of Milwaukee County at a great profit.

This was always the dream of Scott Walker and the MMAC, except that pesky County Board kept getting in the way. Take out some of the County Board's power and oversight, and now the deals can be made.