Friday, July 19, 2013

The GOP Continues Its National Disrespect-To-Hispanics Tour

After blocking for months the nomination of Thomas Perez to serve as President Obama's Secretary of Labor - -making Perez the sole Hispanic in the current Cabinet - - the GOP agrees to let the appointment be approved, but only after a more historic slap, reports the LA Times:

Perez was confirmed 54 to 46, to become possibly the first Cabinet secretary to win no votes from the opposition party, according to the Senate Historical Office.


Anonymous said...

yeah, how's that Latino outreach working out for the GOP? (and please, no follow up comments on how evil you think Perez is. 1) it's a crock and 2) regardless, if you don't that many Latino voters will see this as a slap - the way they did when many in the GOP voted against Justice Sotomayor - I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to see you)

Anonymous said...

*bridge in brooklyn to "sell" you.

Anonymous said...

So they need to rubber stamp hispanics? Did you miss the i.g. report?