Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two New Reasons To Keep Hunting Dogs Out Of WI Wolf Hunt

Hunting dogs being trained to find bears have been killed over the last week in Florence and Forest Counties - - see chart in this DNR posting - - because when dogs penetrate wolf pack territory, the stronger predatory wolves will attack and prevail.

A Dane County Court judge is still considering whether to approve the use of dogs in wolf hunting. An action to ban dogs in the hunt and training - - running off-leash to their deaths - - has been brought by humane societies.

Do hunters really love their dogs, or are they easily expendable?

Were last year's payouts to bear hunters who lost their dogs to wolves under a little-known DNR piggy bank opportunity payment enough?

Let's hope that this stupid sacrifice of dogs along with the added terror dogs bring to wolf packs and their young can be somewhat minimized.


Anonymous said...

Bear hounders get in excess of $2500 a pop for each dog they claim was killed by wolves. What a scam. The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association also wrote the wolf kill bill and made sure to include the use of dogs and continued reimbursement. While the law introduced by Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC, claims that hounders will not get paid for dogs killed while going after wolves, all the hounder has to do is say that they were going after coyotes and boom, a $2500 check. But of course both political parties rubber stamped the whole thing so the scam continues.

Anonymous said...

it's a disgrace using animals to hunt animals , esp since there is no reason for it ! and to use cash as reimbursement for a cruely killed animal? sick f@cks ....this is what happens when inbreds take over states, how about these pussy hunters take the bears and wolves on with no weapons the nutless wonders and the gov't can pay your family 2, grand for your dumb asses !