Friday, July 26, 2013

WTMJ Radio Talker Bashes Overeating, Then Announces Free Cream Puff Six-Packs

The illogical, self-destructive world of Milwaukee righty talk radio got even nuttier this afternoon.

620 WTMJ-AM talker and recent, on-air weight-loss boaster Jeff Wagner finished a segment about obesity being a life-style choice and generally not a disease for health insurance purposes, then segued right into announcing that next week he'd be giving away, for free, 620 six-packs of Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs.

[Monday, July 29 clarification, 4:20 p.m. I listened to the podcast of the segment of the Wagner show referenced in this posting, and have made the following changes to the wording in the above sentence: substituting the word "obesity" for what had originally been "Type II diabetes" and, for further clarification, I have added the word "generally" where it appears. Wagner's focus was on obesity. The lack of clarity in the posting was mine.]

Beginning at 6:00 a.m. for, presumably, some of the very over-eaters he'd criticized moments earlier.

I'm not passing along the date and location, because why contribute to a riot in the free-stuff-loving-greater-Milwaukee area?

Announce you are handing out more than 3,600 free cream puffs around here, and - - trust me - -  people will camp out for them the night before.

In fact, Wagner touted this year's giveaway as being more user-friendly than earlier giveaways because no coupon this go-round would be needed.

Just drive up and claim your calorie-laden whipped cream six-pack.

Journal Communications and its Broadcast Group are clueless about how much of their corporate reputations have been sacrificed on the alter of right-wing talk radio.

More evidence of this credibility collapse:

Minutes after Wagner had concluded his 1:30 p.m. segment with the cream puff debacle, the station ran a promo for the company's sponsorship next week, with its new Right Wisconsin platform, of an appearance by right-wing schlockmeister/shockmeister Ann Coulter.

"News radio?"



Anonymous said...

a healthier alternative would be herb kohl's milk booth, unless it closed with his senate career. ironically, compared with the other attack dogs of local talk radio, wagner is known as a cream puff by comparison.

James Rowen said...

I'm told Herb's milk booth is still to be at the Fair, though in a different location, and that milk will still be 25 cents.

There is a rumor that Ron Johnson will also have a booth where he will stick his entire foot in his mouth for a quarter.