Thursday, July 18, 2013

'Shoot To Kill' Was Only A Joke; WI Officials Seem To Agree

One noisy outburst a few weeks ago by a few protesters provoked a hard-edged condemnation by Gov. Walker along with praise of the proposed GATC iron mine evan after GTAC reacted by posting heavily-armed, but unlicensed guards at its site.

But  it doesn't appear that law-and-order will be invoked with similar vigor and commitment by Wisconsin officials after repeated threats against mine opponents were posted publicly online by a group of mine supporters, The Capital Times explains:
The group provoked even greater outcry when it claimed it had authorized a "shoot on sight" order for four anti-mine protesters, three of whom told Channel 27 news they were alerting authorities in response. 
Perhaps in recognition that it had gone too far, the administrator of the Facebook group (who refused to disclose his or her identity) said the group was nothing more than satire.
Oh, I get it. Haha. 


Anonymous said...

Oh those hilarious fat cowards from "Knot my Wisconsin". They just jump on whatever issue they decided to make "jokes" about and go nuts with the posts as they don't have jobs. They have lied about military service, they lie about working for a living.

Cowards hiding behing fake profiles, shoveling burgers into their toothless mouths while they jiggle with laughter from their juvenile toilet humor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lulz. Morons. Knot everything done in Wisconsin on Facebook that you don't like is done by the knot. Millions of folks think you are extremists idiots as well. Thanks for playing!

Anony Too said...

"[K]not everything done in Wis that you don't like". . . . ?????

That we don't LIKE? You've got to be kidding. Oh yea, that's right you ARE kidding.

You're as moronic as Anony One says. When you threaten someone with a gun or 'shoot to kill', that's no joke, especially when there really are armed militia patrolling the northern Wisconsin woods.

We are not the extremists. The protests in Madison were peaceful, and within the rights of people to "petition their government." No one was armed. No damage done to the Capitol except for tape marks, despite Republican lies. Protesters sang and marched. When Grothman** got scuffed up, it was manhandling only, no weapons were used. The most heavily armed people in the Capitol building are the legislators!

When there was a scuffle on the mine site recently, it was a cell phone snatched from a mine worker's hand. Not the right thing to do, but the single protester was dealt with by law enforcement. As James has blogged here several times, Bill Williams, a G-Tac Vice President, for Pete's sake, did exactly the same thing (snatched a cell phone from someone's hand) and so far, has had no legal consequences. (Despite his b.s. story that the person "gave" him the cell phone.)
And it doesn't look like G-Tac or Bulletproof Securities will suffer any penalties for brazenly flaunting the law, either.

Just because Scott Walker calls cell-phone snatching "radical extremism" doesn't mean it's so. . . or that you have to chime in with your uneducated opinion.

**Grothman, with his medieval world view, has earned some medieval torture time, me thinks: the rack? the thumb screws? the Iron Maiden? I like the last one the best because I think Grothman fears women and I'd love to see a metallic one give him a pokey-hug.
I think the protesters showed remarkable restraint in letting the little weasel go. He did more than most legislators to provoke protesters.

Anony Too said...

@Anony 2PM:

You're only playing with yourself.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Hmmm, so we've had 3 groups of people break the law in this situation- some protestors, GTAC's unlicensed security, and the Knotheads. Only one has been charged (the protestors).

This irony is not going unnoticed, and neither is the weak act of the Knotheads. Time to turn the pendulum
back to decency and fairness in this state.