Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Waukesha Again Says Great Lakes Water Application Is Almost Done

Just for the record, note this story and headline today:

Waukesha nears completion of Lake Michigan water application

The city of Waukesha within two weeks will finalize its application to buy Lake Michigan water from Oak Creek, kicking off the next major step of a state review of the plan.
Remember this? From January 29, 2010 - - under a previous Mayor, and more than 40 months ago:
Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak said the DNR has agreed to work with the city's proposed timetable to move the application through the approval process by the end of the year....
If the city completes the impact study by June, Duchniak and [then-Mayor Larry Nelson] Nelson said they are optimistic of gaining Wisconsin's permission for a diversion by July.
"Then we can send it on to the other states," Duchniak said.

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Anonymous said...

“We’ll hire the people so we can hit the ground running,” Duchniak said. “There will be some cost and that’ll be the risk we have to take to guarantee we can hit that June 2018 date.”

Really Dan?

And who with the PSC gave you permission to spend ratepayers money on this without so much as 1 public hearing by the PSC?

The rate increase the Utility recieved was to recover costs for all potential sources of water - not just Lake Michigan.

Don't you think this superior display of self importance will offend the Council of Great Lakes Governors? How about environmentalists?

You're crossing the line here, Dan.