Saturday, September 1, 2012

Janesville Paper's 12/23/2008 Photos Of Last GM SUV Produced

This set of photos of a Black Chevy Tahoe SUV rolling off the Janesville, WI GM assembly line on December 23, 2008 as the last vehicle produced there 28 days before Barack Obama became President should settle the non-dispute of during whose Presidency (spoiler alert: George W. Bush) that plant closed.

Or do the anti-science partisans in and for the GOP want to argue that the calender during that 28 days was suspended, or that Obama became president when he was elected?

Sort of a 'presidency begins at election/conception' claim?


Boxer said...

The Janesville plant was closed due to the 'uncertainty' of having a black president coming into office in another month. . . . and the certainty that America wasn't gobbling up GM's SUVs any more.

Anonymous said...

BOXER- I'm not sure you're being facetious or what? It sounds like Walker on his jobs excuses.

Boxer said...

Anonymous 6:22 pm, Sept 1:

Yea, I was cynically commenting on the idea that when a Democrat is in office, elected to office, or most likely to win an office, the Repubs are all quaking in their fake rolled-up shirtsleeves and squeaky-new work boots bemoaning the "uncertainty" of it all, crying that job creators can't be creatin' any jobs, and manufacturers can't be manufacturin' . . . . unless they KNOW a Republican is in office--well, there's your required certainty.

And also poking fun at Walker's jobs excuses: the "uncertainty" of the recalls, if I recall it correctly.

When the Janesville plant closed, President Obama had been elected, but hadn't taken office yet. He would be president for the next 4 years: that's as much certainty as we can expect in these times.