Monday, September 17, 2012

Comprehensive Story On Wisconsin Wolves In Cap Times

I highly recommend this work.


Anonymous said...

Brother wolf, my ass. The only reason the early Asian immigrants liked the wolves is that the only way that they could procure large game was by chasing wolves off of their kill. These phony plastic, comic book “Indians” killed an elk solely to play some ridiculous power play and pretend to have some spiritual connection to a wolf, and you liberals from Madison fall for it. Ha Ha Ha you have been fooled again.

Anonymous said...

After over spearing in Buckskin lake resulted in a zero take limit last spring, the tribes are now starting to kill off the elk herd just to show “whitey” that they can. The DNR should take this violation of the agreement they have with this group very seriously instead of ignoring it as they have done in the past.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just love it when the full racism of the current GOP leaks out into the clear sunlight.

This affirms the beliefs of many. That is, when it comes to President Obama their (GOP) hatred has less to do with his policies and a lot more to do with the color of his skin.

Using the term Indian rather than Native American is the racist way to show complete distain for Wisconsin tribal members.

Unfortunately for those same racists there is no convenient word to use when speaking about President Obama that tells us why they really hate him. The color of his skin.

Anonymous said...

racism is defining people by the color of their skin. Indians hate "whites" even though there isn't an indian alive who is not part "white". People do not hate Obama because he is only half "white"... they voted him into the presidency for christs sake! They oppose him now because he has been a disaster regardless of the color of the person his mother decided to have sex with.

As far as indians go, what in the hell do you think BIA stands for?